We are on a journey to enable individuals to become balanced humans

Our Vision  

Imagine a world where every human has a positive social impact. Our vision is to enable individuals to evolve into balanced humans that will take care of themselves and each other. This will contribute to a reinforcing and caring society. 

Our Mission

We founded Oyama based on our personal experiences and challenges with accessing mental health care when we or our loved ones needed it the most.
We believe psychotherapy is a resource that everyone should have in their pocket in order to understand themselves better and to help them cope with life crises.
Therefore, we’ve embarked on a journey to provide you with these evidence-based tools. We are on a mission to guide individuals to become balanced humans.

Our Values

Empathy – We passionately believe in helping one another by trying to set ourselves in the other person’s shoes.
Genuineness & authenticity – The world needs more real stuff.
Transparency & no bullshit – Our culture is very straightforward and we believe in radical transparency. We want to avoid misunderstandings simply by speaking about how things really are.

What Drives Us

547 Million

people suffer from anxiety and depression globally

By 2030

depression is projected to be leading cause of health burden (WHO)

800 000

suicides globally each year


Niklas Zilliacus


Niklas is a pioneer in the field of digital mental health, Oyama being his second mental health startup. Niklas is our domain expert and sales engine with deep domain experience in the field of digital health.

He has previously held significant sales positions in leading digital health companies, such as Finnish Kaiku Health (acquired by Elekta).

Sérgio Isidoro


Sérgio is a Portuguese software engineer with a European identity, who found comfort in the Finnish silence and beautiful nature. He builds software, and everything it requires: software architecture, risk management, IT security management, integrations, interoperability standards, and artificial intelligence.

Sérgio has 8 years of experience in startup environments in highly regulated industries, such as a heath and finance, 

Sofia Lund

Interim CXO

Sofia has 20+ years of building brands, customer experience (CX) and commercializing research. Currently, she holds the position of Senior Director, CX & Brand at Blueprint Genetics (acquired by Quest Diagnostics).

Sofia’s holistic brand building expertise and experience of managing a CX team from start to exit is vital in building our global consumer health brand.

Jie Mei

Chief Scientific Officer

Mei joined Niklas in 2018 to build the foundation and found Oyama. On top of her extensive research experience as a PhD in Neuroscience, Mei has developed excellent skills as data scientist and machine learning programmer. 

Mei has previously been working as a researcher for a Berlin-based mental health startup and Head of Research at two AI startups.

Jaana Mäntykoski

Chief Psychologist

With a broad experience as a psychologist, organizational coach and relationship expert, Jaana joined in 2020 to lead our clinical interventions development.

Some of her career highlights include working as a relationship expert at the Family federation of Finland (Väestöliitto), developing internet-based/self-guided psychology interventions at Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) and serving as the psychologist for the Finnish reality tv-show Love Island.

Jing He

Illustrator/Graphical Designer

Jing is an exceptional graphical artist with a personal style and a broad skillset consisting of game character illustration, graphical and fine arts illustration, UI/UX design and 3D modelling to mention a few.

Jing has 8+ years of experience in graphical design and fine arts.