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Welcome to a community that cares!

When you enter the Oyama app you join a community where you can relate to other users stories. As part of our peer-support community, you can give helpful advice and positively reinforce others by commenting on their stories or simply by sending a hug. 
At the core of the app is our personalized journal, which teaches you to express yourself and process your thoughts and emotions. Soon enough we will launch new features that guide you through a motion of evidence-based psychotherapy exercises to help you build healthy and sustainable habits. Sign up to our newsletter to get news about when new features are available.  
In the end, we exist so that you can express, reflect and, process your thoughts and feelings to increase your understanding of yourself. And become more balanced in your everyday life.

The Oyama app provides you with

A peer-support community
Evidence-based psychotherapy programs (coming soon)
Follow your Progress
(coming soon)
Anonymous Peer-support community
Evidence-based Psychotherapy Programs (Coming Soon)
Follow your Progress
(Coming Soon)

The Oyama Journey


Understand how you are feeling.

Peer Support

Get support from our peer-support community.


Read relevant and helpful stories from other users that you can relate with.


Express your thoughts and feelings and put it down on in your journal.

Self care

We build you a personalized self-care program.

Give Back

Share what you’ve learned to help someone else.

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